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Platform: iPad.
Price: Free.
Version: 1.0.

Video of the game


The Ems are small creatures which provide a considerable amount of energy. We need them !
Your mission (if you've agree with it) is to find and catch as many blue Ems as possible and report to us.
Be careful, keep away from red Ems, they could kill you...


The location of the Ems is discovered by a process of logic.
Clicking on the game board will reveal what is hidden underneath the chosen square (a large number of blank squares may be revealed in one go if they are adjacent to each other).


Some squares are blank but some contain numbers (1 to 8), each number being the number of Ems adjacent to the uncovered square.
These numbers are in a color depending on the type of Ems adjacent to them:
- blue color means there are only blue Ems closed to them
- red color means there are only red Ems closed to them
- purple color means there could be blue or red Ems closed to them


Your mission ended when all blue Ems of a field are discovered.



Support: support@2complicated.com