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Platform: iPad.
Price: $0.99.
Version: 1.0.

Video of the app.

- TuneMyApps is dedicated to developers and iBookstore providers (iTunes Connect users only !) -


TuneMyApps is an extension tool to iTunes Connect (ITC) that allows developers and iBookstore providers to access and view their sales information.
This application doesn't aim to replace ITC as it won't let you access directly to your online data.
Nevertheless, it will provide you a nice and pleasant way to store and proceed sales information downloaded from ITC.


TuneMyApps has the ambition to complete data and tools provided by Apple without trying to replace them.
Thus, it provides you tools and statistics that could help you:
- take the right decisions on the right moment (price drop, promotion, etc...)
- motivate your employees (salers, developers, etc...)
- report to your bankers or clients


TuneMyApps comes with the following features:
- importation and storage of your ITC sales information
- statistics aggregated by different axis (global, daily, weekly, monthly, by amounts, etc...)
- nice and pleasant charts and data representations for your reports or meetings
- offline access to all your sales data





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Support: support@2complicated.com

If you need examples to test TuneMyApps, you can download the following file.